Clock ticking on primary producer land valuations

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Clock ticking on primary producer land valuations
Tuesday, 3 Mar 2020

AgForce is warning primary producers throughout Queensland not to delay if they want to object to their new land valuations – or risk being lumped with higher rates and rent.

The Valuer General’s 2020 property market movement report released on Monday stated several local government areas – including Banana, Bundaberg, Burke, Cloncurry, Flinders, Fraser Coast, Goondiwindi, Mackay, McKinlay, Mount Isa, Richmond, Rockhampton and Winton – would receive new valuations.

AgForce CEO Michael Guerin said objections must be lodged with the Valuer-General by Tuesday 5 May.

“We urge Members to look carefully at their valuations and ensure they are correct; as always, AgForce stands ready to assist,” Mr Guerin said.

“In recent years, AgForce has assisted many members secure significant reductions in valuations, resulting in large savings.

“Depending on how your rates are struck, an increase in unimproved value may result in higher rates as this is usually the basis council uses to determine the price they pass on to residents.

“Members have been supplied with property maps and can attend Members-only workshops to learn how to assess their valuations.”

AgForce’s valuer John Moore said responsibility for ensuring values were correct lay with landowners, not local governments.

“Unimproved values are done by mass appraisal, meaning your property isn’t individually valued,” Mr Moore said.

“The onus is on landholders to check their unimproved values are correct.

“It’s important you object to your new valuation if you believe the unimproved value is too high, because it could result in large savings in rates or rent.

“But you only have until the beginning of May to do so, so I urge landowners to begin the process now.”

AgForce members can register their interest in attending a valuation workshop at

Further detail can be found in the 2020 Valuer-General's property market movement report

Media contact: David Vogler 0418 733 102


Clock ticking on primary producer land valuations

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