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AgForce has been extremely supportive lobbying on major issues like natural disaster support, the native vegetation laws, and reef regulations.

If we’re going to fight these issues, we need a strong, collective voice, and we need to get involved. We need to support those who support us, and no one supports people in the bush more than AgForce.

- Stretton family, Red Hill Station 


As an AgForce member, you and your family will benefit from our many services and opportunities as well as our relationships with industry partners.

Membership Types

Full member

The owner of a single, eligible farming enterprise may nominate any person with an interest in that enterprise as the full member.


Membership services and fees vary depending on gross value of production (GVP) calculated on a five-year rolling average. Each GVP level is entitled to the equivalent number of free joint members. For example, GVP 6 = 6 free joint members, GVP 5 = 5 free joint members.

  • Joint member - For anyone already represented by a full member, and wouldn't be otherwise able to join. Typically, the joint member is a spouse, business partner, employee or family member of the full member.

Full and joint members have equal rights and status as members, including equal voting rights.


Support members
For anyone not a primary producer.

  • Industry Enterprise -  An individual who operates a small business (turnover up to $5m), with an interest in the industries represented by AgForce.
  • Corporate - A business or local council (turnover above $5m) which services or supports the industries represented by AgForce and contributes to regional prosperity.
  • Country Connection - Individuals who have a connection to agriculture or are passionate about the industry but are not eligible to join as a primary producer member.
  • Industry Individual - Individuals who derive some income from agriculture but are not eligible to join as a Primary Producer member.


Becoming an AgForce member isn’t just a business decision. AgForce provides a support network that helps you through the hard times.

We trust AgForce to be on top of the things we don’t have time to think about. AgForce membership means you stay informed. It’s important to feel connected.

- Fuhlbohm family, Waverley



  • Have policy experts negotiate on behalf of your business for the best outcomes
  • Have any issues with NBN local and Telstra prioritised for resolution

Exclusive Agribusiness Services

  • Property mapping and spatial analysis services at a discounted rate of 35-40%
  • Access to a property valuer with over a decade of experience in rural valuations
  • Free industrial  relations advice through our experienced specialist
  • Discounts on nationally accredited training courses covering a wide range of practical skills such as chemical accreditation and land management
  • Great savings from our corporate partners

Industry News

  • Stay up to date via AgForce's quarterly magazine Envoy
  • Weekly members-only e-newsletter
  • Access to the latest award wages and instant notification when there is a change in legislation


  • Be a part of a broader group of proactive producers
  • Have your say on the future of our industry
  • Speak to industry leaders and innovators to learn and be inspired by some of the best in the business
  • Share ideas and discuss industry issues at AgForce events including forums, workshops and webinars
Scott & April Loughnan                           James & Karla Galloway                           The Patterson family


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