AgForce will step in if industry requests molasses imports

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AgForce will step in if industry requests molasses imports
Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019

AgForce will step in to assist Queensland graziers source molasses for stock feed if the industry is prepared to support the solution.

CEO Michael Guerin said AgForce said they were hearing increasing reports that molasses was becoming harder to source at a reasonable price and would be prepared to lead a solution if warranted.

Last year, AgForce worked with AgriTrading to import 2,500 tonnes of molasses from Vietnam to on-sell to primary producers finding it difficult to source a secure, economically viable supply from within Australia.

“We would be happy to run a similar program this year if demand is sufficient, so we are asking producers in that situation to send us an expression of interest in taking part,” Michael said.

“What we are hearing is that prolonged drought is increasing demand for this important feed supplement but at the same time has resulted in reduced supply and increased costs.

“We are keen to hear from any producers in this situation – members and non-members alike – so we can assess whether there is a problem and if so, the scale of the issues and the best way to help.

“Last year, we engaged AgriTrading to import molasses shipments after producers expressed fears that a supply shortage would hamper their ability to feed their livestock.

“We analysed feedback from producers as to the quantity of molasses they required and over what period and worked with importers to deliver both their short and longer-term needs.

“Although importing containerised molasses is a more expensive option, it last year provided a critical interim solution for producers in desperate need.

Michael urged any producers interested in participating in a similar scheme this year to register their interest.


Media contact: David Vogler 0418 733 102

AgForce will step in if industry requests molasses imports

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