Pest Animal Management and Chemical Safety Workshops

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Pest Animal Management and Chemical Safety Workshops

During 2016 and 2017, AgForce rolled out 73 one-day, no cost workshops to train landholders in chemical handling safety and the latest pest management techniques.

These one-day workshops for landholders included practical training and information on the latest pest animal control tools including the new Canid Pest Ejectors and PAPP baits.

Participants received a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment after completing training and assessment in the following units:
    1. AHCCHM303 - Prepare and apply chemicals; and 
    2. AHCCHM304 - Transport, handle and store chemicals 
If you would like information about chemical handling safety training or other training options, visit the AgForce training Information Page or contact AgForce directly on (07) 3236 3100 or email

AgForce Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #1834) and delivers nationally recognised training to members and non-members.

Receipt of a Statement of Attainment for the above training enables participants to apply for a 2 year Qld Health Dept permit/endorsement to buy, store and use 1080 & PAPP manufactured baits and also Canid Pest Ejector capsules.  (The above Statement of Attainment is not required when applying for a Strychnine permit). 

To apply for a permit/endorsement for Strychnine, 1080 and PAPP, the links are here:

This project was delivered by AgForce Projects with support from the Queensland Farmers Federation and the Queensland Government, funded by the Australian Government.

Pest Animal Management and Chemical Safety Workshops

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