State Election 2017

State Election 2017

State Election Policy Outline
AgForce has released a State Election Policy Outline detailing key policies to be implemented by an incoming government to best promote prosperity across the agriculture sector.

Click here to download the State Election Policy Outline.

Click here to download the State Election Policy Snapshot.

Click here to download the State Election scorecard.

Snapshots of policy themes

Click here to view the 'Supporting our Rural Families' policy proposal.

Click here to view the 'Healthy Environments - Protecting our land and water' policy proposal.

Click here
to view the 'Healthy Environment, Healthy Agriculture' policy proposal.

Click here to view the 'Growing Agriculture and Enhancing Profitability' policy proposal.

Click here to view the 'Connecting Queensland' policy proposal.

Politics in the Pub
AgForce hosted two 'Politics in the Pub' events during the campaign.

All of the surrounding electorate candidates were invited to attend to allow voters to hear from the political parties as to how they would help the agriculture sector thrive.

On Thursday the 16th of November AgForce hosted the event at the Commonwealth Hotel in South Townsville.

The event was live streamed by Queensland Country Life and can be watched here.

On Wednesday 22nd of November AgForce hosted the event at the Criterion Hotel in Rockhampton.

You can watch the Facebook live video that was captured by Queensland Country Life here.

Media Releases

21 November   State Election policies a 'mixed bag' for Queensland farmers

21 November   National AgDay a chance to celebrate Queensland farmers

17 November  AgForce welcomes LNP's ag policy

14 November   Right policies will drive growth in agriculture

12 November   Industry groups unite on roadmap to drive Qld's economic growth

10 November  Infrastructure investments would help better connect Queensland

7 November   Labor's ag policy a start but falls short of the mark

7 November    Farmers want support for good land management not more red tape

6 November    Politics and the paddock to meet in a Townsville pub

4 November    Farmers won't accept Labor's dodgy deal on vegetation laws

3 November     Water infrastructure plan welcomed

2 November     Queensland beef roads funding welcomed

1 November    Premier puts green politics ahead of good policy

1 November    Politicians urged to 'support rural Queensland families'

30 October     AgForce outlines 'Thriving Farms, Thriving Queensland' plan

How to Get Involved
Make your voice heard and make your vote count this election

Send a message to the political parties
With the support of the National Farmers Federation, we've set up an online tool that enables you to send an email directly to Labor, the LNP, One Nation, the Katter Party and the Greens.

Have your say by logging on to to send a message to the political parties about the importance of agriculture in this State Election.

Contact your local MP and candidates

Email, phone or better still, call in and see your local MP and candidates. In addition, contact MPs or candidates representing or seeking to represent marginal seats in major cities near you, such as Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg and Maryborough.

Write a letter to the editor

Drop a line to the editor of your local newspaper, calling on your elected representative and/or local candidate. Again, it will be particularly beneficial to write to newspapers where there is a regional MP in a marginal seat – such as in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg and Maryborough. Use local examples wherever possible. It need not be long – 200 words is ample.

Facebook or Twitter

If you use Facebook or Twitter, please like, share and comment on AgForce's social media posts over the coming weeks, and into the future. Create your own posts and consider 'tagging' your local or nearby MP and candidates in posts. Follow AgForce on social media by searching for @AgForceQLD

Recruit your city based family and friends

If you have family or friends in urban areas that love the bush and are sympathetic to your efforts to sustainably and profitably manage your land and run your business, please also ask them to email, phone or call in and see their local MP and candidates to communicate their support for our farmers.

Key Messages to use when communicating
  • Agriculture is one of the foundations of the state's economy, underpinning tens of thousands of jobs. If agriculture thrives, Queensland thrives.  With the right policies that allow agriculture to grow and prosper, Queensland will grow and prosper.
  • Demand for our high quality food and fibre is growing, and we need political parties to commit to policies that take agriculture forward, not hold us back.
  • Farmers love and care about their land and know how to manage it sustainably.  Farming families don't need politicians adding to the difficulties they already face.
  • We want fair and balanced policies that allow farmers to increase their productivity and profitability, while also delivering good environmental outcomes.
  • We want increased investment in infrastructure to make it safer, easier and cheaper to get our farm goods from the paddock to the plate.
  • Delivering on AgForce's policy priorities would drive growth in agriculture, create more jobs for Queenslanders and boost our rural and regional communities.

State Election 2017

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