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Rural Planning

Rural Planning for Agriculture
The basic right of a farmer at common law is to use their property as they wish as long as they do not interfere with their neighbours' rights. However they are also bound to comply with the requirements of legislation that is in place to protect the rights of the wider community and the State.

The guides, prepared by the QFF with the assistance from AgForce Queensland and the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, are intended to provide a layman's description of legislation that affects both day to day operations of a farm and larger undertakings such as earthworks for irrigation, drainage or flood control.

Two guides have been produced. One is aimed at all primary producers and the other has been prepared primarily for graziers. Both are set out so that a farmer can look up particular farm operations such as moving stock or managing pest plants and animals and see what pieces of legislation affects each activity. The  guide for primary producers and the guide for graziers are available for downloading from the QFF website. The Rural Planning Project also produced a Toolkit for Planning for Healthy Agriculture available on the QFF Planning website.

 For more information, contact Project Officer Mick Capelin at Queensland Farmers Federation on 07 3838 4747.

Rural Planning

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