Grain Harvest Management Scheme (GHMS)                                     
The 2016-17 year has now opened for registration, with the scheme year starting 1 July 2016.

To join GHMS for 2016/17, please familiarize yourself with the Accreditation Booklet and complete the Assessment Sheet and Application Form and return to AgForce as soon as possible.

Click on the following links for more information: 

Please note: no permits will be provided on the weighbridge. AgForce urges all GHMS users to sign up for the scheme before use.

GHMS membership for 2016/17 will cost $135 (inc. GST) per vehicle. This price is indexed yearly to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Continuing GHMS members will be able to use stickers from 2015/16 (yellow) and 2016/17 (green) until Sunday 17 July 2016 (inclusive). This will allow for 2016/17 stickers to be dispatched without disrupting member’s use of the GHMS while transitioning into 2016/17.

Any deliveries received after 17 July 2016 with 2015/16 stickers will be treated as a normal load and will not receive the GHMS concession.

Registered GHMS receivers:

  • Australian Agricultural Company Goonoo Feedlot (Comet) Aronui Feedlot (Dalby)
  • Bean Growers Australia Kingaroy
  • Broadbent Grain, Toowoomba
  • Dalby Bio Refinery Ltd, Dalby
  • GrainCorp all depots excluding Fisherman Island
  • Grainhart, Oakey
  • Graintrans, Southbrook
  • GrainX, Allora
  • JBS, Beef City (Purrawunda), Mungindi
  • Mort & Co Grassdale and Pinegrove
  • Mt Tyson Seeds (Pulse Division of Qld Cotton), Mt Tyson
  • Namoi Cotton, Goondiwindi
  • Parkinson Brothers Grain Storage, Dulacca
  • Peanut Company of Australia (PCA), Kingaroy, Gayndah, Tolga
  • Ridley Agri-Products Pty Ltd
    • 20 King Street, Clifton
    • 154 Anzac Avenue, Toowoomba
  • Sandalwood Feedlot, Dalby
  • SunRice, Brandon
  • Smithfield Cattle Company, Smithfield Feedlot (Proston)
  • Tableland Stockfeed Specialists, Atherton
  • Waterfall Feedlot, Goomeri
  • Whyalla Beef Pty Ltd, Whyalla Feedlot (Texas)
  • Woods Grains, Goondiwindi
(Current as of October 2016)

GHMS recognises the difficulty of in-field and on-farm loading a bulk commodity such as grain, with varying moisture contents and densities, to within an accurate weight tolerance.

The Scheme is designed to alleviate some of these uncertainties by allowing Scheme participants to take advantage of certain "flexibilities” set above normal regulation mass limits when field loading bulk commodities.

The Scheme will function each year from 1 July to 30 June the following year. The Scheme is designed to benefit the grain industry, the community and the road transport industry.

Overall, the intent of the Scheme is to allow for an efficient grain harvest and to protect the road infrastructure through eliminating gross overloading by appropriate administrative procedures and compliance activities.

Participation in the Scheme is not restricted to farmers and is open to anyone making deliveries to approved receival points during the harvest.

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