Agripolitical Representation

AgForce's core business is lobbying industry and government on behalf of our members, to secure sustainable, profitable and productive agriculture in Queensland.

The list of policy areas covered by AgForce is extensive and encompasses local and state government - and as a member of the National Farmers' Federation, AgForce members also have a national voice.

Key policy issues include vegetation management, water, mining vs agriculture, reef, carbon, biosecurity, transport, animal welfare, drought, flood, wild dogs, and many others.

You can find our key policy achievements from the last financial year here.

Looking for something in particular? Visit one of the below pages.
  • Issues relating to your land such as planning and protection, leasehold land, broadacre agriculture, nature refuges, mining & resources as well as rural crime.
  • Sustainability such as biosecurity, vegetation management, climate risk management, reef regulations, water planning & development, protected areas and industry issues.
  • Information on policies that are directly related to your business such as education, finance and economics as well as transport & telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Find out more about a specific commodity such as Cattle, Sheep & Wool, or Grains.

State Election Policy Outline
AgForce releases a State Election Policy Outline detailing key policies to be implemented by an incoming government to best promote prosperity across the agriculture sector.

AgForce's 2017/18 State Election policy platform will be released once the election is called.

Click here to view the full State Election Policy Outline 2015.

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