AgForce welcomes NBN focus on the bush

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AgForce welcomes NBN focus on the bush
Thursday, 31 Oct 2019

AgForce has today commended NBN Co for establishing a new business unit focused solely on servicing rural, regional and remote Australia.

Gavin Williams, who has been appointed Chief Development Officer, Rural and Remote has already been working hard to improve services in rural and regional Australia during his time at the NBN and brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

AgForce General President Georgie Somerset uses NBN SkyMuster Plus on her property in Durong in the South Burnett Region of Queensland and said it was vital people in rural and regional Australia had access to reliable internet services.

“I believe I can speak for those of us living outside the major urban areas of Australia in saying this announcement is a major win for equity in data services,” Mrs Somerset said.

“We have high hopes this increased focus on internet services for people living in the bush will result in improved reliability, better issues resolutions, and overall improved customer service.

“Personally, the SkyMuster Plus service has transformed the way I work, with increased connectivity providing greater dependability and increased speed for my farming operation.

“These days, I can also take part in AgForce Board Meetings via video conferencing without having to travel to Brisbane if I choose to.

“Everyone in Australia should have this type of guaranteed reliability, regardless of where they choose to live.

“That’s why it’s vital NBN Co works closely with rural and regional customers to deliver on their specific connectivity needs.

“AgForce has been working closely with NBN Local since its inception, and we have seen the NBN’s performance improve in the bush due to better direct contact with rural stakeholders.”

Mrs Somerset said that while the internet may not be the answer to everything, it was a key piece of enabling infrastructure to help increase opportunities for Australians living in our vast interior.

“Access to affordable, reliable phone and internet services will remain one of the biggest issues for those of us living, working and travelling in the bush until we reach parity with those in the cities,” she said.

“That’s why AgForce will continue to work with key stakeholders to ensure we help our members access the vital connectivity they need to run their businesses in order to continue to produce green, clean and ethical food and fibre.

AgForce also commended the ongoing work of Better Internet for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia (BIRRR) for their efforts helping so many rural people repair or improve their internet.

This service, which has been offered by volunteers, has been invaluable in filling the knowledge gap in rural Australia.

AgForce welcomes NBN focus on the bush

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