How do I become an AgForce member?
As an AgForce member, you and your family will benefit from our many services and opportunities as well as our relationships with industry partners. You will have access to special exclusive rates and discounts on a range of products and services to build your bottom-line and save you money.

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Who can join AgForce?

Anyone with an interest in an eligible farming enterprise can become a member, as well as many others involved in the rural sector. There are several categories of AgForce membership to suit different member requirements:

Full member
The principals of a single, eligible farming enterprise may nominate any person with an interest in that enterprise as the full member.

Annual fees payable by Full Members vary depending on gross value of production calculated on a five-year rolling average. See membership form for full details.

Joint member
Joint membership is available to those who have an interest in eligible farming enterprise represented by the nominated full member. Joint membership is only available to people who are not otherwise eligible for full membership.

Typically, the joint member might be the spouse, business partner/s or family members such as children of the nominated full member who also have an interest in the business.

Full and joint members have equal rights and status as members, including equal voting rights.

Each GVP level is entitled to the equivalent number of free joint members. For example, GVP 6 = 6 free joint members, GVP 5 = 5 free joint members. Additional joint members will be charged at a fee.

Agribusiness Corporate (Support Member)
A business or local council which services or supports the industries represented by AgForce and contributes to regional prosperity.

Agribusiness Individual (Support Member)
An individual with an interest in the rural industry not eligible to join as a full, joint or young member.

Small Ag enterprise (Support Member)
A person or business not eligible to join as a full or joint member, and who does not derive primary income from agriculture, but maintains an interest in the industries represented by AgForce.

Young membership (Support Member)
The youth is our future, of that we are sure.  Engaging our youth, developing their skills and helping to provide a pathway to an agricultural career is critical.  This year, a new Young Membership category has been developed for 18 to 35-year-olds with an interest in the rural industry (and not eligible as a full or joint member).

Support membership
Sometimes, the people who want to be part of AgForce aren't primary producers but do feel strongly about agriculture and want to show they are behind our industry.  We have introduced the Support Member category to cater for such individuals or businesses.

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