Chemical Accreditation

SMARTtrain Chemical Accreditation

AgForce offers a range of chemical training courses for agricultural, horticultural, nursery, local government, environmental and domestic situations. The chemical training is nationally recognised and satisfies the National Registration Authority requirements for purchasing restricted chemicals. SMARTtrain chemical training also aligns with quality assurance requirements and program standards.

About the program:

The SMARTtrain Chemical Application program is designed for those who use power-operated equipment or knapsacks to apply chemicals in agricultural, horticultural, nursery, local government and environmental situations.

By completing this SMARTtrain chemical training program you will learn how to limit risks through:
  • using the correct personal protective equipment
  • reading and interpreting chemical labels
  • keeping accurate records and maintaining equipment
  • calibrating application equipment
Included is training on the safe transport, handling and disposal of chemicals, decontaminating equipment and what to do with used chemical containers.

The SMARTtrain chemical training program shows you how to identify the risks that chemicals pose:
  • to market access for your products
  • to your safety
  • to the environment

Please refer to AgForce Training Information for more on AgForce Training policies and procedures and the rights and obligations of learners and the training organisation including fees, refunds, complaints and appeals.

How can I obtain chemical accreditation?

Chemical Accreditation can be completed by either workshop (one day) or correspondence.

Accreditations available
Want to know more?

Contact us on phone (07) 3236 3100 or email us for more information.

If you would like full details of obtaining a Commercial Operator's Licence (ACDC Licence), please contact Business and Industry Portal of the Queensland Government or the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

These courses are delivered by AgForce Training, (RTO #1834) and are available to any interested person.

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