'AgForce Over Lunch' Webinar Series

Webinar One: Sleep Well - Strategies to Improve Sleep
with Cath Walker, Senior Clinician, Royal Flying Doctor Service

In this webinar, Cath Walker discusses the issue of struggling to get enough hours sleep each night.  Cath addresses the different sleep patterns and cycles we have, talk about what affects our sleep and strategies to improve sleep quality.

Sleep Health Foundation
A national organisation devoted to education, advocacy and supporting research into sleep and its disorders

Australasian Sleep Association
The peak national association of clinicians and scientists devoted to investigation of sleep and its disorders

Sleep Disorders Australia
A voluntary group offering assistance and support to people and their families living with sleep disorders

Reconnexion specialises in anxiety, stress, depression and sleeping pill dependency
1300 273 266


The BeyondBlue website takes enquiries and has many fact sheets and information sleep, anxiety and depression. www.beyondblue.org.au

CWalker@rfdsqld.com.au – Cath Walker, Senior Mental Health Clinician, RFDS
GJamieson@rfdsqld.com.au- Gail Jamieson- Drought Wellbeing Service Manager, RFDS

Fact and Information Sheets
The team at RFDS have put together a list of helpful print-friendly resources which can be found below.

Fact Sheet 1: Reducing Stress

Fact Sheet 2: Insomnia Management Kit
Fact Sheet 3: Insomnia Information
Fact Sheet 4: Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Fact Sheet 5: Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder
Fact Sheet 6: Caffeine, Food, Alcohol, Smoking & Sleep
Fact Sheet 7: CPAP Information
Fact Sheet 8: Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
Fact Sheet 9: Facts About Sleep
Fact Sheet 10: Herbal Remedies To Help With Sleep
Fact Sheet 11: Idiopathic Hpyersomnia
Fact Sheet 12: The Body Clock

Dream Diary
Keeping a sleep diary can help you and your doctor learn more about your sleep patterns and what can be done to improve your sleep. Find a great template HERE.
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