The Northern Beef Business Mentoring Program

Are you a Northern Beef Producer looking to improve your business skills, and boost the performance and profitability of your beef business?

The Northern Beef Business Mentoring Program is being rolled out across Northern Australia, and is a collaboration between AgForce, ABDI, MLA (through the MLA Donor Company or MDC), and the Qld Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAFQ).

This program’s focus is on working with northern beef enterprises, through mentoring, to take beef business owners to the “next level” of business thinking, skills and profitability. 

What’s it’s about
Using a combination of webinars / teleconferences, workshops and longer term mentoring, the program will guide businesses through a structured and focused business improvement process. 
The program will focus on topics such as:
  • How to react to changing climate conditions 
  • Increasing income and profit — by reviewing your current and potential markets and engaging key customers 
  • Managing people better — including workers, plus contractors and improving family dynamics 
  • How to create a high performing business — suitable for sale, or for attracting an investor 
  • Managing business change over time — particularly if business control is changing hands.
How will it work?
The program’s main components include:
  • Free Webinar / Teleconference Series – providing market updates and business building tips and advice
  • “Better Beef Business” One Day Workshops – participants will undertake a stocktake of where their business is now, and work out what needs to be changed or fine-tuned (“Work-Ons”)
  • 12 Month CEO Mentoring Program – this is where the real change occurs, as participants undertake a business redesign or refinement process. The mentors will work with businesses to guide them through the change process and help them stay accountable to their desired results. 
Why it’s different
The main focus of the Program is on improving “business” as opposed to improving production. The Program takes an holistic approach to business change, based around the ABDI 12-Pillars of Business Best Practice. 

The mentoring program provides real support and guidance through the business change process – based on the understanding that the hardest part is not working out what needs to change—the hardest part is following through and making the changes happen.

The program will feature specialist presenters, from inside and outside of agriculture, that will bring fresh ideas and perspective to participant’s issues. 

How can you get involved?
Workshops are being rolled out in 2016 across Southern and Central Queensland, Alice Springs in the NT and Broome in WA, and moving to other regions in 2017.

For more information, such as workshop dates and prices:

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