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Who is AgForce?
AgForce Queensland is a peak organisation representing Queensland's rural producers.

We strive to ensure the long term growth, viability, competitiveness and profitability of broad acre industries of cattle, grain, sheep and wool in Queensland.

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Our Regions

AgForce has five regions across Queensland, each with a regional council and member manager to ensure your issues are heard at a local level.

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Our Staff

AgForce's team of dedicated policy officers and support staff are based in Brisbane and the regional offices.

If you have questions or feedback, contact us.

AgForce Corporate Partners

At AgForce, we recognise the value of strong relationships with others in the supply chain who also benefit from a strong and resilient agriculture industry. 

As such, we seek to form strategic partnerships to share information, increase advocacy power and to promote the contribution and value of such entities to our membership, to government and to other key industry stakeholders.

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Our Leadership Structure
AgForce's leadership team is made up of members who have been elected by our membership.

Our elected representatives work alongside a dedicated team of policy and regional staff as the voice of primary producers, their families and regional communities.

Meet your elected representatives.

AgForce Queensland Farmers Limited
Meet the AgForce Queensland Farmers Limited Board here.

AgForce Committees
AgForce has a selection of primary producers who contribute to the future policy direction of the organisation and the agriculture industry.

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AgForce Queensland Industrial Union of Employers
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to find the financial information, financial disclosures and the rules of AgForce Queensland Industrial Union of Employers.

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