Financial Disclosures

Financial Disclosures

The following disclosures are prescribed by the Industrial Relations Act 1999.  As a registered union of employers, AgForce Queensland Industrial Union of Employers presents the following:

Remuneration of officers
The remuneration and benefits for the highest paid officers of the union (as defined in section 557Q of the Act).

Register of gifts, hospitality and other benefits given and received (section 557A).

Loans, Grant and Donations
Register of loans, grants and donations (section 557E).

Political Spending
Register of political spending (section 557B).

Financial Disclosure Statements
Initial, annual and mid-year financial disclosure statements (sections 557L, 557O and 557W).

Initial Disclosure Statement

Financial Year 2013 / 2014

Financial Year 2014 / 2015

Financial Year 2015 / 2016

Financial Year 2016 / 2017

Financial Year 2017 / 2018

Financial Disclosures

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