Reef Trust III: Reef Alliance Grains Innovation Project

The Reef Alliance - Growing a Great Barrier Reef project aims to enable landholders to change practices across agricultural industries, and to develop innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Innovation is a critical component of the grains sub-project as it seeks partners to trial and prove the potential future practices required to reduce pollutant loads.

Landholders in the Great Barrier Reef Catchments manage vast amounts of the land and are well placed to manage the responses in soil and vegetation to improve water quality.

The aim of the grains innovation project is to foster innovation that could reduce erosion, sediments and nutrients from cropping land while also limiting the impacts to or increasing profitability, as well as increasing the number of grain growers adopting improved practices.

Grain growers alongside other parties interested are invited to complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) as the first step in applying for the Reef Alliance grant. Following the completion of an Expression Of Interest, applicants who meet the broad selection criteria will then be assisted by Reef Alliance partners in developing their full application.

Please note the Expression of Interest closing date have been extended. The final deadline to submit your EOI is Thursday 28 September, 2017.
  • CLICK HERE to complete an online Expression of Interest form
  • CLICK HERE to download the print-ready Expression of Interest form. This can be completed  and returned by scanning or faxing back to us (details are on the form). 

Further information can be found by visiting the QFF Reef Alliance webpage
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