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17 December   Funding to fight pest animals and weeds welcomed

28 November    Premier turns her back on QLD farmers
24 November    Keep telling your drought stories to the nation
11 November    Government's biofuels mandate misses the mark

30 October       Investing in global opportunities
29 October       Modern families need farmers
20 October       Rural finance investigation welcomed
6 October         AgForce welcomes the conclusion of the TPP
2 October         Beef transport focus on Rocky

26 September   Farmers seek clarity on veg management
17 September   Responsible approach to vegetation debate
16 September   AgForce welcomes Biofuels mandate


28 August
6 August
4 August

Premier needs to back ChAFTA
Toyota backs rural Queensland
Future producers in career conversations


31 July
22 July
20 July
14 July
4 July

Student assistance honours Gus McGown
Cattle call at crucial time for industry
Calling all #FriendsofAg
Sound Queensland budget for Ag
Qld farmers welcome Ag white paper

18 June
11 June
10 June

Northern Alliance demands a say its future
Ag program targets reef's future
Regulator's UCG crackdown welcomed

28 May

         Ag career at Mareeba field day
21 May
15 May

         Drought worst in living memory: AgForce Survey
         Cap increase recognises drought severity
9 May

         New Federal Government schemes acknowledge worsening
         drought conditions
7 May

         Australia's finest grassfed products, people and businesses honoured at
         GrassFed Beef Awards
6 May

         AgForce calls for common sense on Cape York agricultural development

23 April

          AgForce applauds step towards a strong Queensland biofuel industry

22 April

          Premier's drought tour: Land size nearly six times United Kingdom's now
          under threat

14 April

          AgForce Urges Federal Government Rethink on Drought


26 March

          Are you a young, passionate Queensland sheep and wool producer?

25 March

          AgForce welcomes commitment to work with producers on reef health

20 March

          AgForce and Cattle Council of Australia to recognise Grassfed Prestige at
          Beef Australia

16 March

          AgForce Cattle names Sam Becker as a leader of the future

5 March

          AgForce Welcomes Vegetation Management Clarity


25 February
AgForce 'beefs up' policy with new engagement strategy

23 February
AgForce moves to gauge Ex TC damage to Queensland agriculture
16 February
State Election 2015: AgForce congratulates new State Government

2 February
State Election 2015: Producers urge agriculture to be prioritised moving forward from election


28 January
State Election 2015: Farm groups unite to urge agriculture policy announcements

20 January State Election 2015: AgForce condemns ALP plans to reintroduce cumbersome and outdated vegetation laws
20 January
BEEF 2015 -  US congressional affairs expert to deliver keynote on agriculture and the Australian consumer

19 January

State Election 2015: No long term future without short term changes

15 January
State Election 2015: Transport frameworks and infrastructure stifling rural productivity

13 January            
State Election 2015: AgForce outlines key policy areas for a prosperous agriculture industry


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