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Coal seam gas project

AgForce has established the coal seam gas (CSG) project through its AgForce Projects division, to offer producers access to independent information and tools to ensure fair conduct and compensation agreements (CCA) are made with CSG companies. While AgForce continues to call for the Government to restrict CSG operations until the industry's cumulative impacts are known, the sessions help landholders prepare themselves for future CSG negotiations.

AgForce Projects Advanced CSG Negotiation Support Workshops have been recently developed to allow us to provide information more specific to your circumstances, and further information about later stage negotiations. Please click here for further information or to express your interest in having one in your region. 

For landholders who are not yet at the negotiation stage, we will continue holding our CSG Information Sessions. These information sessions include an overview of CSG, perfect for landholders who have an interest in CSG or have been approached for preliminary activity on their property.

CSG Property Computer Mapping workshops are also being delivered and are designed to help landholders develop a comprehensive property computer map and plan to help demonstrate how CSG activities will impact their property, and the skills to negotiate where and when a CSG company can conduct its mining activities. 

Other information sessions and field days held by the CSG team include:
  • CSG Water Field Days which feature key representatives from government, resource companies and independent hydrogeologists, and give landholders the opportunity to raise key questions about the impact of CSG on groundwater. 
  • CSG/Biosecurity Field Days which will outline strategies and plans landholders can put in place to control the spread of pests and weeds, information about animal health management and waste management. 
  • CSG Webinars which include question and answer segments

Upcoming events can be found on our Events Calendar or express your interest in holding one of these events in your region here.

The CSG team is also available to provide one-on-one support to landholders over the 
phone and can arrange small group sessions with neighbours, family or friends. Please contact Daniel Phipps for further information.

If you have concerns about CSG on your property, need support dealing with a CSG company contact the team today on 3238 6048 or email a CSG Project Officer. 

The CSG Project is delivered by AgForce Projects with the support of the Queensland Government, the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, Queensland Resources Council and the GasFields Commission Queensland.

Click here to find out more about the CSG Landholder Support Project.

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