17 December 2009
Lamb prices a tasty Christmas treat for producers
 16 December 2009
Top honours for a lifetime dedicated to the beef industry
 15 December 2009
AgForce, RAPAD join forces to tame Wild Rivers
 02 December 2009
Security, consistency essential for land access
 01 December 2009
Interest rate web must be untangled to secure export future
 01 December 2009
EC rejection unacceptable - AgForce
26 November 2009
Drover claims may railroad stock route reform
20 November 2009
AgForce welcomes investment in cattle future
19 November 2009
Science proves agriculture is part of climate change solution
18 November 2009
QDOG puts rubber on the road
18 November 2009
Farm groups broker best carbon outcome for agriculture
16 November 2009
Agricultures exclusion from ETS welcomed but questions remain
13 November 2009
Queensland growers lead the way in WoolPoll
10 November 2009
Lack of land planning undermines food security
10 November 2009
AgForce calls on wool growers to vote for transparency
09 November 2009
AgForce opens gate to balancing biodiversity and grazing
06 November 2009
Conservation and production go hand-in-hand at Holroyd
03 November 2009
Farm gate hit by fiscal double whammy
02 November 2009
QDOG bites back at wild dogs

28 October 2009
Live work and play safe on farms for injury-free future
28 October 2009
Time running out to have say on wool investment
28 October 2009
Russian Embassy opens doors to AgForce in roo debate
20 October 2009
Time running out to have say on wool investment
20 October 2009
North frustrated with relief process after floods drought
14 October 2009
Wild dogs take to the national stage in Charleville
13 October 2009
False claims on beef mislead the public
12 October 2009
Farmers come to town for rural discovery day
12 October 2009
Paroo bands together to fight wild dogs
09 October 2009
Reef regulations must recognise existing on-ground results
08 October 2009
First Delbessie signing a landmark moment
06 October 2009
Regrowth result recognises good land management
01 October 2009
AgForce calls on Minister to protect productive land

29 September 2009
Stock route options need close scrutiny
25 September 2009
Cost of half a million wild dog attacks hit home
24 September 2009
Wild dogs carry a $67million price tag for Queensland graziers
17 September 2009
Meat-eating quality based on 550,000 consumer tests.
15 September 2009
Your youth, your future - worth the investment.
14 September 2009
Farmers get a taste of what consumers really want
14 September 2009
B-Double upgrade set to proceed
12 September 2009
Bligh moving forward with new regrowth laws
11 September 2009
Agribusiness a career and investment of choice
10 September 2009
AgForce welcomes unique industry partnership
08 September 2009
NQ graziers discuss reef regulation concerns
02 September 2009
Premier champions Queensland food and fibre
02 September 2009
Agribusiness a positive industry to invest and work in

28 August 2009
AgForce conference raises biotechnology questions
24 August 2009
Grain season turns pear-shaped with hot dry weather
17 August 2009
North and central Queenslanders join wild dog fight
17 August 2009
Wild dog coordinator adds bite to control program
13 August 2009
AgForce education program a winner
11 August 2009
Predator control days offer practical options for wild dogs
11 August 2009
Farmers want agriculture out of CPRS
11 August 2009
AgForce appoints new CEO
10 August 2009
MEATing Centre serves up food, fashion and fun
07 August 2009
Red Meat Awards serve up paddock-to-plate excellence
06 August 2009
AgForce links families to the farmers they need
04 August 2009
AgForce unveils phase four of Every Family Needs A Farmer
03 August 2009 
AgForce Projects provides tools and information

28 July 2009
Ongoing industry effort aims to get rail transport back on track
27 July 2009
Industry must breach the mulesing divide
27 July 2009
Roo impacts to explode on back of Russian ban
21 July 2009
Don't miss AgForce conference early bird booking
21 July 2009
Four-legged guardians form last line of defence against wild dogs
21 July 2009
CQ branch run provides discussion points
20 July 2009
Competition for farmland puts food on the line
20 July 2009
Cattle truck crash highlights infrastructure gaps
13 July 2009
Health of urban communities in threat as wild dogs circle
02 July 2009
Rural communities a key link in broadband roll-out
01 July 2009
US carbon policy proviides fresh model for Australia

30 June 2009
Producers back low-stress handling for animal welfare
30 June 2009
AgForce conference: Future of food and fibre a click away
29 June 2009
Queensland wool spins a top future
29 June 2009
AgForce pushes efforts for national grain representation
25 June 2009
Beef producers chew the fat at Muttaburra forum
25 June 2009
Healthy Farmers program a finalist in Queensland award
23 June 2009
Mulesing phase-out on track, but market must back industry
17 June 2009
Senate inquiry recognises farm issues with CPRS
17 June 2009
AgForce Cattle's new directors bring passion of youth to job
16 June 2009
Budget focuses on debt reduction
12 June 2009
Beef producers: already green leaders
11 June 2009
Healthy Farmers online program now active
05 June 2009
Reef legislation blind to real outcomes
04 June 2009
QR sell-off needs to include certainty for ag products
03 June 2009
Proposed carbon scheme threatens world food supplies
01 June 2009
Red meat awards serve up industry excellence

28 May 2009
No borders for war on wild dogs
27 May 2009
Drought 'bent not broken' so EC a key to recovery
26 May 2009
Deferring NLIS is a win for sheep producers
25 May 2009
Bush backs united call for 8.3c/l fuel subsidy to stay
25 May 2009
AgForce members back competitive fertiliser
22 May 2009
Cattle Transaction Levy - if you pay, have your say
21 May 2009
Cattle producers: have your say on tick management
20 May 2009
CQ students discover a future in agricultural science
18 May 2009
Tipped loss of 8c/litre subsidy fuels rural concerns
15 May 2009
Approach to regrowth is a lose-lose all around
14 May 2009
Light at end of tunnel for agricultural transport
14 May 2009
Drought reform stalled but report flags changes ahead
13 May 2009
Budget puts dimmer on economic shining light - agriculture
12 May 2009
Last chance for competitive fertiliser
11 May 2009
AgForce seeking producer input on wild dog cost
08 May 2009
Grain movement increases through port
06 May 2009
AgForce seeks young cattle director
06 May 2009
AgForce backs putting beef marketing on front foot

30 April 2009
AgForce at Beef 09 on regrowth, transport and transaction levy
28 April 2009
Hansard debate reflects AgForce lobbying
28 April 2009
AgForce conservation efforts recognised
27 April 2009
Gateway to agribusiness opens for schools
27 April 2009
AgForce wants snappy on-ground action for wild dogs
22 April 2009
Wild dogs on the prowl travel 600km in 30 days
22 April 2009
AgForce hears feedback on regrowth moratorium impacts
20 April 2009
Regrowth issue fuels new agricultural alliance
17 April 2009
Regrowth issue sparks gathering of minds in Rockhampton
16 April 2009
AgForce regional roadshow comes to Roma
16 April 2009
Producers warned not to rely on EC drought assistance
09 April 2009
North-west mine spill mop-up highlights need for change
09 April 2009
AgForce e-survey gathers facts on regrowth issue
09 April 2009
Ravensdown deal boosts fertiliser competitiveness
07 April 2009
Productive land grab cuts deep in food and fibre sector
02 April 2009
Beef industry hampered in calculating CPRS cost

31 March 2009
Vegetation issue needs swift resolution
31 March 2009
Agriculture's commitment must be recognised
27 March 2009
Grain mountain must be moved
24 March 2009
Producers have a beef about vegetation grab
24 March 2009
AgForce ready to work with new ministry
24 March 2009
Conservation and agriculture work together
23 March 2009
NRAC review of EC area continues
23 March 2009
Bligh acknowledges regional Queensland
23 March 2009
Wild dog co-ordinator calculates real cost to industry
18 March 2009
Green grab for one third of the herd
18 March 2009
No place for ratbags in food verus extreme greens
16 March 2009
Agriculture a proven economic performer - don't hobble it
13 March 2009
AgForce election policy platform
11 March 2009
CPRS released, but still no answers for agriculture
10 March 2009
AgForce proposes off-farm grain port solutions
09 March 2009
AgForce forum to harvest grain issues
06 March 2009
What is on the menu for beef?
06 March 2009
Producers 'chew the fat' at Calliope
03 March 2009
Sheep and wool producers urged to remain vigilant
02 March 2009
Thought required on food-related policies
02 March 2009
Royal Children's Hospital donation

27 February 2009
Recovery process a big job for NW Queensland flood zone
25 February 2009
Making the time fit the (rural) crime
24 February 2009
Queensland welcomes new CEO for troubled wool group
19 February 2009
Grain growers pay price for rail inefficiencies
18 February 2009
AgForce challenges attitude on trees
12 February 2009
Local knowledge most valuable in NW flood situation
12 February 2009
Federal climate change inquiry a step in the right direction
10 February 2009
NW natural disaster declaration welcome
03 February 2009
Wool would make roof insulation plan even 'greener'
02 February 2009
Minister makes good decision on flood relief

29 January 2009
Farmers adopting best-management practices
13 January 2009
Cattle rail service stays grain service grows Minister says
09 January 2009
Northern graziers welcome return of monsoonal weather
08 January 2009
AgForce wary of CQ mine water discharge
08 January 2009
Wet New Year a cause for celebration

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