Understanding the kangaroo industry

In 2006–07, the most valuable export markets for Queensland kangaroo meat were:
  • Russia ($23 million)
  • France ($3.1 million)
  • South Africa ($1.9 million).
Kangaroo management in Australia has evolved to a point where it is an internationally recognised example of the sustainable use of wildlife (Grigg and Pople 2001).

There are strict regulations covering the humane taking of animals,the handling and processing of meat, a system of quotas based on regular broad-scale aerial surveys and season declarations and closures based on harvest monitoring, all of which are supported by law enforcement. The management of kangaroos is supported by an extensive scientific literature.
In August 2009, Russia placed a blanket ban on importing kangaroo meat from Australia, citing food safety issues. AgForce continues to lead this issue in Queensland, as it has a widespread impact on rural and regional communities.

How does the kangaroo industry work?

The kangaroo industry has a complex structure:

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