Infrastructure investments would help better connect Queensland

Friday, 10 Nov 2017

Road, bridge and telecommunications infrastructure pledges announced this week would help better connect Queensland and make it safer, easier and cheaper to get food from the paddock to the plate if implemented, AgForce said today.

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Queensland wool growers have two important votes this month

Thursday, 9 Nov 2017

Queensland wool growers are being urged to make their votes count not only in the State Election but also at Australian Wool Innovation’s Annual General Meeting next week so they help set the future direction of their wool industry.

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Labor’s ag policy a start but falls short of the mark

Tuesday, 7 Nov 2017

Labor’s agriculture policy has some positive initiatives such as more funding for wild dog fencing and the establishment of an Agricultural Ministerial Council, but falls far short of what’s needed to help the industry reach its full potential, AgForce said today.

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Farmers want support for good land management not more red tape

Tuesday, 7 Nov 2017

AgForce is urging all political parties to provide more support for agricultural best management practice (BMP) programs rather than impose more red tape that just makes it harder for farmers to do their jobs and produce more food.

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Politics and the paddock to meet in a Townsville pub

Monday, 6 Nov 2017

North Queenslanders with an interest in the future of agriculture after the State Election are encouraged to attend a special ‘Politics in the Pub’ forum in Townsville next week.

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Farmers won’t accept Labor’s dodgy deal on vegetation laws

Saturday, 4 Nov 2017

Queensland farmers want to be able to sustainably manage their land to produce more food and grow their businesses, and won’t accept Labor’s dodgy deal on vegetation laws, AgForce said today.

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Water infrastructure plan welcomed

Friday, 3 Nov 2017

AgForce has welcomed the LNP’s commitment to invest in new water infrastructure projects across central and north Queensland, describing the move as a “significant step forward for agriculture and the state’s economy” if implemented.

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Queensland beef roads funding welcomed

Thursday, 2 Nov 2017

The sealing of a section of the Clermont to Alpha Road is a welcome step towards delivering on an important national initiative that will make it safer and easier to transport cattle to markets, AgForce said today.

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Premier puts green politics ahead of good policy

Wednesday, 1 Nov 2017

The Premier’s plan to re-introduce flawed land management laws already rejected by the Queensland Parliament will shut down regional job and development opportunities, AgForce said today.

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Politicians urged to ‘support rural Queensland families’

Wednesday, 1 Nov 2017

AgForce is calling on all political parties to commit to policies that help the next generation of Queensland farmers, build drought resilience and improve safety on farms.

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AgForce outlines ‘Thriving Farms, Thriving Queensland’ plan

Monday, 30 Oct 2017

Supporting rural families, protecting land and water, enhancing primary producers’ profitability and better connecting Queenslanders are among the key priorities in AgForce’s State Election policy platform released today.

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Beef producers embracing Best Management Practices

Monday, 16 Oct 2017

More than 2000 Queensland cattle producers managing more than 28 million hectares of land have now adopted the Grazing Best Management Practices (BMP) program to boost their budget bottom line and showcase their environmental credentials, AgForce said today.

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Agriculture eager to help advance job creation agenda

Friday, 13 Oct 2017

Agriculture can play a big role in underpinning continued job creation and growth in regional Queensland with the right policy settings from the State Government, AgForce said today.

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AgForce wishes Bill Byrne well

Monday, 9 Oct 2017

AgForce has today wished Bill Byrne well for his future and thanked him for his service as Queensland Agriculture Minister.

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Landcover study only tells “half the story” in vegetation laws debate

Thursday, 5 Oct 2017

AgForce has renewed its call for fair and balanced vegetation management laws that deliver sustainable growth in agricultural production and good environmental outcomes for Queensland following the release of the latest Statewide Landcover and Trees Study (SLATS).

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