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Grazing BMP

Grazing BMP (Best Management Practices) is an industry-led voluntary, online self-assessment tool that allows graziers to benchmark their current practices against an industry-developed set of standards.

Graziers can then clearly identify the steps required to incorporate best management practices into their own enterprise to improve their long-term productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Grazing BMP assists Government, NRM groups and industry with planning extensions and workshops by identifying knowledge gaps on a town, regional and state-wide scale.

In time, it will allow the grazing industry to demonstrate sound environmental and ethical practices to consumers and the community.

The program has an audit and accreditation process that is conducted by an independent, third-party auditor and is
conducted in accordance with the Internationally recognised audit standard ISO19011.

The accreditation validates the self-assessment through the collection of evidence against the modules, this is the primary tool that verifies the information supplied through the program and ensures the credibility of the data collected through the tool.

Grazing BMP is led by a partnership of AgForce, the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) and Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA). The program is delivered throughout Queensland and interstate by a wide variety of industry, Government bodies, natural resource management bodies and private consultants.

How Has The Program Been Developed?
The standards within the five modules have been developed based on the current best available science and then tested and verified by a reference group made up of Queensland cattle producers, which have then been endorsed by industry.

Benefits to Graziers
By participating in Grazing BMP graziers can:

  • Benchmark their practices against industry set standards
  • Identify opportunities and develop a plan to improve their business performance
  • Access information, learning opportunities and support
  • Allow industry to identify knowledge gaps to plan extensions on a local, regional and state-wide scale

Benefits to Industry
Grazing BMP supplies aggregated (non-identifiable) data, on an industry-wide scale, to enable Industry to show to the community and consumers:

  • that their food is being produced ethically and sustainably
  • that we can demonstrate excellent environmental stewardship
  • that we can prioritise research, development and extension investment.

To find out more about Grazing BMP read our 2017-18 annual report or check out




Grazing BMP

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