2018 Grains Industry Tour

2018 Grains Industry Tour

Tickets for the Grains Industry Tour have now closed. If you are still interested in attending please call the AgForce Brisbane Office by Thursday 5pm on (07) 3236 3100.


In conjunction with the Queensland Grains Gala Dinner, AgForce Queensland is hosting an industry tour during the day of the event.

AgForce Corporate partner and event sponsor, Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is offering a complimentary bus service for the day.

The tour is complimentary for 2018 AgForce Grains Gala Dinner ticket holders.

Register below to join the industry tour on Friday 20 July.

The AgForce Grains Industry Tour provides an opportunity to see first-hand some of the invaluable reserach that takes place in Queensland. The tour has three stops, including Petersen Grains, Hermitage Research Station in Warwick, and AgEtal.

Petersen Grains
Petersen Grains at Killarney adopted minimum till in the mid 1980's and has since used controlled traffic farming as a farming practice. They often chase less conventional markets enabled by significant on-farm storage.

Hermitage Research Station
The AgForce Grains industry tour provides an opportunity to see firsthand some of the invaluable research that takes place at DAF's Hermitage Research Station including trial work on grain storage and fumigation and breeding programs for sorghum and pulses, which in the long run deliver huge benefits to our cropping sector.

AgEtal Seed Laboratory
The tour will conclude with a visit to AgEtal who are a state of the art grain and seed testing laboratory. It will be a good opportunity to see a fully functional lab and to better understand the benefits of seed and grain testing to the productivity of farmers, especially those who retain their own seed.

2018 Grains Industry Tour

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