Grains Commodity Update

Grain Harvest Management Scheme (GHMS) opens for another year

The Grains Harvest Management Scheme is now open. Head to the AgForce website and register today. While you can register anytime throughout the year, we get a big surge of applications around summer and winter harvests, so if possible, to smooth things out, it’s great if you get signed up early in the year.

The GHMS runs from 1 July to 30 June with some flexibility until 15 July where you can use last year’s stickers (2017-18 Blue) while waiting for your new stickers (2018-19 Yellow).

We have updated the applications booklet and rearranged the questions in the assessment. Later in the year we will be moving towards an on-line application (also with existing methods) which should make the process easier for you as applicants.

Key points

When processing the GHMS data here at AgForce, we have noticed that many people are still adding the FUPS allowance to their GHMS weights. Unfortunately, FUPS (Steer Axle Mass Allowance (SAA)) does not increase your GHMS weight. If you are eligible, when you are weighed on the side of the road, you will receive an extra .5t on your steer axle however it is not added to your total GHMS weight when you deliver grain. The weights listed GHMS Table of Common Gross Scheme Mass Limits and in the Vehicle Configuration Guide are the maximum you receive at the weigh bridge.

Managing weights

AgForce is keen to ensure this scheme continues and as such we have increased our compliance efforts. You may have received an email or letter from AgForce regarding overloading. We do this to ensure that the scheme is respected and that we can continue to use it into the future. The scheme has good compliance rates although we must ensure this continues. If you repeatedly exceed 7.5% of your gross mass limits, we can remove you from the scheme. If you have any issues about your maximum weights that cannot be solved through reviewing the documents on the AgForce website, please get in touch with AgForce for assistance.


The GHMS is designed to help manage uncertainties (varying moisture contents and densities) by providing participants with ‘flexibility’ above regulation mass limits.

The GHMS operates on a year-to-year basis from 1 July to 30 June. The GHMS benefits the grain industry, the road transport industry and the wider community. It allows an efficient grain harvest while protecting road infrastructure through eliminating gross overloading. It does this by using appropriate administrative procedures and compliance activities.

The Queensland GHMS registration process is administered by AgForce Queensland (AgForce) and is only for heavy vehicles driven on Queensland roads. For information on the New South Wales GHMS, please visit

Please note: You cannot register for the Scheme on the weighbridge. Trucks delivering under the Scheme must sign up before transporting grain under the Scheme. If you are not registered under the Scheme, Gross Mass Limits (GML), not GHMS limits will be applied.

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