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AgForce's policy leadership is complemented by a Projects division that provides primary producers with a range of free services and practical workshops.

The AgForce Projects team currently deliver landholder CSG, property computer mapping and Grazing BMP services.

GPS workshops are now delivered as 'fee-for-service'. If you or a group of producers are interested in a GPS workshop please contact the AgForce GIS team for more details.

Under AgForward the team also delivered projects such as Pest Animal Management and Chemical Safety Workshops, Carbon on Farm, Leasehold Land as well as free property computer mapping and GPS workshops.

Funding for AgForward ended in September 2012.

While AgForward is no longer delivering free computer mapping workshops, a limited number of free digital mapping workshops will be delivered through AgForce Projects' Landholder CSG Project.

AgForce Projects is also delivering property computer mapping workshops for a fee, in conjunction with the Fitzroy Basin Association Grazing Training Reimbursement Program.

Alternatively, if there are no workshops in your region please contact AgServices for fee-for-service options. 

See the AgForce events calendar for upcoming dates.

AgForce Projects

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