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AgForce Employers' Toolkit (AgForce Member Price)

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Does your business have a comprehensive and effective safety management system? Do you need help with employment and employee management? AgForce has released two tools to help producers with their work health and safety and human resources management needs. The AgForce Safety Management System and AgForce Employment Manual have been developed by experienced consultants who also have a farming background. They are available together as the Employers' Toolkit.

The AgForce Safety Management System (SMS)

An SMS is a comprehensive and integrated system that ensures that all work on the property is conducted safely. It allows you as the business owner to implement a fully documented, accessible and comprehensible system that monitors and improves safety on farm.

This system is designed in both hard copy format and electronic versions so that it can be customised to your business and includes the following essentials:

• Health and Safety Manual including your WHS policy statement
• Employee Handbook
• Contractor Handbook
• Useful Templates
• Additional Resources- guides for quad bikes, checklists, Workcover and so on.

The AgForce Employment Manual

Like the Safety Management System, the Employment Manual provides policies, procedures and templates to help rural businesses with most aspects of employment.

It is designed to complement the Safety System in meeting your obligations to employ workers correctly and meet employment and safety laws. The manual provides systematic information on employment and has forms and templates along with guidance on:

• Conditions of employment
• pay arrangements and other benefits, taxation and superannuation
• leave entitlements
• grievance policy and code of ethics – code of conduct
• performance management
• equal employment opportunity, harassment & anti bullying policy

This price is for the electronic version which will be emailed out to you. It may take approximately 2 working days. You will receive an email LINK to the product from which you can download and save the documents. Hard copies can be posted for $52.80 extra, you will need to select the Hard Copy shipping option when going through the checkout.


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